I'm having a bad day and feel like over indulging, help!
Posted by Support on 12 February 2012 10:36 PM

There are so many options to consider before throwing all your good work away.  These should help...

  1. Go in to the reports tab and remind yourself of the great achievements you've made so far.  Remember how you were at the start of the process and how you'll feel when you reach your next goal.  Imagine yourself looking fitter and energised and focus on that.
  2. Keep yourself busy.  Go out for the day.  Do something that interests you.  Anything to keep you mind occupied.
  3. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself feeling full.
  4. If you have to snack look for healthier food alternatives.  What fruit would you consider to be a treat?  Make your own popcorn.  If it's pizza you crave look for a low fat version made with wholemeal flour and limit the amounts of low fat cheese you use.

Whatever your weakness always look for an alternative option that satisfy your cravings without throwing away all your good work.  Grocery stores stock many low fat foods but become master of the food labels to make smarter food decisions. You could also try the 'calorie and nutrients checker' right from the top of your food diary page to compare the calorie content of your favourite products with lower calorie alternatives.

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