I tend to eat more calories at the weekend or on special occasions, will the system allow for this?
Posted by Support on 12 February 2012 10:19 PM

Yes, you can save calories for the weekend or a special occasion but it requires some forward planning.

As long as you balance your week-to-date calories on your 'weekly summary' by the end of the week, you will still be making steps towards your goals.

  • Plan your special occasion or night out into you diary by guessing what food and drink you're likely to have (try getting hold of a menu they sometimes tell you calorie totals).  
  • Have a look at the days calorie totals; you'll probably find that you've got an over-eat of calories.  
  • Now you need to find a way of absorbing your over-eat throughout the remaining week by watching your week-to-date figures.  
  • You can plan exercise into your activity diary to burn-off your over-eat or lower the calories you eat each day.  The good thing is you can spread the over-eat over the rest of your week.
  • Always refer back to your weekly summary report and try to balance your week-to-date calories to zero by the end of the week to achieve a successful weigh-in.
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