I only want to select meals and recipes from the plan I'm following, can I limit the results?
Posted by Support on 12 February 2012 08:49 PM

Add a whole day: Selecting food from Weighplan's designed meal plans couldn't be easier.  At the top of the diary page select the button 'Choose from delicious meal plans' and follow the instructions to add a whole day of meals directly in to your diary.  

Add a meal /recipe: If you prefer to add a few meals or recipes from the plan rather than a whole day, add the food item as usual (press the '+Add items to this meal time')

  • Select either the 'meal' or 'recipe' tab at the top of the panel 
  • You will see meal plan icons, select the meal plan you'd like to search in by populating the check boxes  
  • Click the search button
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