Is there anything I can do to speed up completion of my food diary?
Posted by Support on 17 December 2012 06:04 PM

Here are some great ways to speed up your data entry:

Copy Weeks, Days, Meals or Recipes

  • Most of us eat similar meals every week so copying from the previous weeks diary is the most effective way to save time.
  • Use the copy item icon on each food item to copy that specific item
  • Use the 'Copy' button situated at the top right of each meal to copy a meal
  • Use the 'Copy Day' button situated at the bottom left of your diary page to copy the whole day  
  • Favourite food and drink items are identified with a star  
  • Press the star icon next to the product description to add it to your favourites, press it again to remove it
  • Rather than search the database repeatedly for your favourite items, click on the favourites tab and select your favourite items at the click of a button

Try a Healthy Meal Plan

  • Why not peruse the meal plans and insert a whole weeks meals?  You may find the health benefits associated with a healthier diet extremely beneficial

Barcode Entry and Scanning

  • If you enter a lot of pre-packaged foods you can quickly enter data by typing in the last few digits of the barcode. We suggest the last 6 digits to narrow your search to 1 or 2 matching items.  You can also use any standard USB barcode scanner with your computer to read the barcodes directly (see technical help for details and suggestions)
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