Should I plan my diary a week in advance, a day in advance or on the go?
Posted by Support on 12 December 2012 05:29 PM

How you plan your food diary is down to personal preference but Weightplan's flexibility makes it simple to discover what works best for you.  

For speed of entry copy a whole week of meals from one of our meal-plans straight into you diary.  These have been professionally designed to match your daily calorie allowance while giving you a healthy balance of nutrition. Personalise by swapping in some of your favourite recipes.  Once you are happy with your plan just print your shopping list, and you're ready to follow your plan for the week ahead.  The benefits of planning like the whole week ahead are 1)You don't have to keep logging in to add your foods and check you're in line with your calorie targets as it's all balanced for you.  2)You always know what you're eating next so you're less likely to eat something unhealthy.

If you prefer the flexibility of planning your meals on a day-to-day basis, again you can select meals from a meal-plan or create your own from scratch.  Log in each day to plan your day ahead, just remember not to go over your daily calorie allowance.  The benefits of planning day-to-day are 1)You can utilise foods you have in the cupboard.  2)You can eat whatever takes you fancy rather than following a set menu.

If you’d rather not plan in advance and just add foods as you go, simply monitor your food until you reach your daily calorie target.  The only downside of using this is method is the need to update your diary each time you eat.  The benefits of adding food as you go are 1)You can eat anything as long as it's within your daily calorie allowance.  2)It's ideal for those who find it hard to plan ahead.

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