How do I use a Weightplan workout?
Posted by Support on 13 February 2012 11:10 AM

Firstly select the workout that suits your requirements and begins at your level of fitness.  View the workouts by hovering over the 'Diary' tab followed by 'Activities' from the drop down menu.  Select the 'Choose from our workout plans' button to view a comprehensive list of workouts.  

Highlight workouts on the left side of the panel and read an overview on the right side of the panel.

Once you have chosen a workout select the date you wish to start the workout then press the 'Plan' button (bottom right of panel).

If the workout is a multiple day workout including rest days, these will be planned into your diary from your start date

Review your workout in your diary.  You can re-order the exercises by clicking on the bottom right-hand corner of each exercise and dragging them up or down. 


If you wish to print you workout ready to take to the gym, hover over the 'Reports' tab, followed by 'Printouts' from the drop down menu.  

  • Select the date range for your report.
  • Select the radial button under the 'Exercise plan' icon followed by the 'Preview' button to see how your report will be printed.  
  • Press the 'Print' button to print

Please note: You should consult your Doctor before starting any exercise programme

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