Can I scan barcodes on my computer?
Posted by Support on 13 February 2012 12:04 AM

If you regularly add packaged food items to your diary you can scan product barcodes using most USB barcode scanners. We recommend a Bi-Directional USB Laser Barcode Scanner (available relatively cheaply from e.g. Amazon and most other major computer stores).

To scan your products use the usual "add product" link from the food diary. Once the add product screen opens you can use your barcode scanner to read barcodes from any of the products you want to add.

Most barcode scanners automatically add a <return> after the barcode number. If this is not the case for your scanner please consult your manufacturer's instruction manual for details of how to configure this setting.

If you're not able to configure your scanner to add this you will simply need to press the <return> key after scanning each barcode.

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